Favorite Suez Canal Stuck Ship Meme?

There are so many good ones! My favorite so far :partying_face:

Austin Powers sums it up pretty good.


Best week on record for EverGreen, concerning global publicity. :laughing:


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“no publicity is bad publicly right captain?”

Captain: please just stop


I get the sentiment here; but it seems to prioritize “no news is good news” to an extreme. Seems to me like a Wikipedia article would also be notable for the case where something unexpectedly good happened on a container ship. If we take the tweet literally, which we probably shouldn’t for comedic purposes, the ship operators of Ever Given should never take risks that might involve positive public exposure, like saving a family of stranded puppies from a deserted island.


As the driver of an 18ft mega container boat in CT, i can tell you there does not seem to be any stranded puppies on our islands, i have personally checked.

If you have any doubts of my credentials, i once photoshopped a mega yacht, or something like that, on kirupa.com.

(To be clear, the boat is 18ft not the containers… the containers are usually 12oz and empty)