Feed me some feedback por favor

[font=Arial]Hi everyone. If you guys have a second, please give some feedback/critiques on our digital portfolio:

http://www.abeedle.com/portfolio/thanks.html (click the digital portfolio link)

Many thanks.[/font]

pretty cool
I like it


Do you guys have any suggestions for things I should tweak on it (not that I have time to lol)? A guy at another forum said the bug navigation was too “mysterious” – and suggested having the labels always show on them. What do you guys think? Any other thoughts, suggestions, or comments?


I think it’s fine just the way it is… and it’s not too “mysterious” because there is just the right amount of choices. In other words, there aren’t too many choices to where you would need to see the labels at all times so not to get confused.

Very nice. :thumb:

Thanks for your comments guys

Looks pretty good. I like the little dancing beetle on/off switch for the music.

This may be an annoyingly nit-picky detail, but one member of your “beetle navigation”… third row, third column… is not a beetle.

i think it look pretty good
nice animations with the bettle

Looks nice and clean yo!