Few Combobox on the same frame?

How do I need to change the script to be able to have few combox on the same frame?
I have 3 comboBox on the same frame ( box, box_1, box_2)

This is the script that used for one combobox (gave by Flex) :
function comboBox() {
where = box.getValue();

note: My comboBox are linked to frames labels

Thank’s in advance for your help.

if you have more than one combo box, make sure you name your instances and your code needs to reflect those names…

function comboBox() {
where = box.getValue();//here you can say box1 or box2 or box3

so how do you writte the correct script for that?

Do you want all the combobox to do the same thing?

And one thing:

function comboBox(c) {
where = c.getValue();

is better.

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many ways in Flash… here’s one.

create three different onChange handlers one for each combo

onChange1, onChange2, onChange3


give them all one OnChange handler




thank’s guys, but I still didn’t make it.
would it be possible to send me a fla or the complete script to make this work?

  1. combobox name : box1
    label:musicgroup1, song1.1,song1.2…
    data:, song1.2, song2.2… (framelabel on my timeline)

  2. combobox name : box2
    label:musicgroup2, song2.1,song2.2…
    data:, song2.1, song2.2… (framelabel on my timeline)

3.combobox name : box3
label:musicgroup3, song3.1,song3.2…
data:, song3.1, song3.2… (framelabel on my timeline)

thank’s again.

note: great line by the way, loved the movie!
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