Final Cut Studio (FCP 5, Soundtrack, Motion 2, DVDSP 4)

Seems to have been quite discreetly released amid all the Tiger hysteria…

The main focus seems to be real-time HD, and also DVDSP’s ability to burn HD video onto a regular DVD disc!

Final Cut Pro 5

Real-time, native HDV editing: Work with HD as easily as you work with DV.

Multicamera editing: View simultaneous, multicamera playback in real time for on-the-fly editing.

Dynamic RT: See more real-time effects than ever thanks to dynamic image quality and frame rate scaling.

Soundtrack Pro

Waveform editor with Action layers: Reorder, suspend and delete any audio edit, anytime.

Intelligent Find-and-Fix: Quickly identify and correct common audio problems.

Professional effect plug-ins: Extend your sonic palette with over 50 effect plug-ins and Audio Unit support.

Motion 2

GPU-Accelerated 32-bit float rendering: Use your graphics processing hardware to accelerate rendering of high-quality composites.

Replicator: Animate waves of repeating graphics or movies along user-defined grids.

FxPlug: Usher in a new breed of third-party filter effects using full 32-bit processing.

DVD Studio Pro 4

HD DVD: Showcase your HD content with industry-standard H.264 encoding.

Distributed encoding: Dramatically speed up encoding of HD and SD video.

Dolby Digital Professional encoder: Combine audio and video compression into one workflow.