Final Fantasy & Roman Numerals

I learned how to read Roman Numerals from playing the many versions of Final Fantasy. They never taught it in school.

That’s how I learned it…that…and all the Rocky movies

no… I’m still in school and already learned them, plus I’ve never played ff :stuck_out_tongue:

We learned Roman numerals in 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades.


two words


out before Final fantasy, will be around longer than ff, better in nearly every way

movies =star wars has it easily
RPG’s = KOTOR was f*^%& awesome
FPS =come on, no contest
MMORPG’s=screw XI, galaxies owns it

I think this guy is a Star Wars fan…:ne:

I learned it from common sense…

oh, i’ve got more

weapons = lightsabers vs what, sticks and magic? come on
vehicles = i’d take an X-Wing over a chocobo any day

hmm, i wonder why he says that(-: …[wonders if he’s comming on too strong ]