Final Roster

**1. Grunge
**[color=sienna]- DeepCode[/color]

**2. Tech/Trendwhore **
[color=sienna]- Unflux[/color]

3. Photo Manipulation
[color=sienna]- PRStudio[/color]

4. Photography
[color=sienna]- Koorb[/color]

5. Logo Design (done in Illustrator or FreeHand)
[color=sienna]- Simplistik[/color]

6. Flash Footer
[color=sienna]- Voetsjoeba[/color]

7. Actionscripting
[color=sienna]- Senocular[/color]

8. 15-30 Second Flash Intro
[color=sienna]- Telekinesis[/color]

9. 3D Render
[color=sienna]- Ironikart[/color]

10. Fantasy Art
[color=sienna]- RedGolgi[/color]

11. Drawing / Traditional Medium
[color=sienna]- Kitiara[/color]

*there you have it - I will be contacting the “other side” sometime today hopefully.

I’m confused. I thought I was replaced for that position a while ago…

don’t want to wade through all the posts to find it, but there was a spot in there where you said you would be game for it (after you weren’t) - so i went with that.

I wasn’t informed that I was put back in until a BB member messaged me asking how my entry was going. I was like “dude, you have the wrong guy”.

I won’t be able to work on it until my laptop warranty replacement for my new lappy gets in this weekend.