Welcome To The Main Event!


Hey everyone - I understand the Mods and I are the only ones here right now.

I would like to start discussing a team.

These are grouped by talent and I have included myself.

Lostinbeta (If unable due to moving and timing - then I choose Kode)

Graphical Design and Layout / Photo Realistic Creation:

Now the list I have generated, includes Moderators - to be fair and to show a well-rounded community and team - I feel that some of the non-Moderators should be on the team. Right now it is about half Moderators and half Kirupians.

Please post your thoughts and comments. Let’s get this going and present a solid united front.

Thank you.

**EDITED McGiver got the boot for the more Talented and more Senior Senocular.

kode has declined.

any word on simplistik?

I think this might have been overlooked in the huge thread in Random, but the Fantasy Art vs Photography thing. How about we have both? 11 battles, not 10. That way we get what we want, they get what they want, and it means that we can’t tie 5-5. :wink:

i’ve private messaged JNicklo with that proposal Kit, and I also proposed to him that the Collaborate or go Individual be up to the person. If you choose collaboration then you may not have more than one partner helping you.

I also PM’d simplistik; I just noticed he was viewing board.

Waiting on replies.

OK cool. Thanks. :slight_smile:

done with mine…so, am i supposed to post it somewhere?

DC ! i would love to see what you have done. wonder if pr is online?

here is a preview.
the link to the full sized picture was send to prstudio.

grunge / theme: skateboard

too sad that it losses too much quality on 72dpi

hum I thought the whole thing was supposed to be anonymous…

oh well - excellent work anyway…

nice man, so whats would be the full size dimensions?

deep - i went to the link in the email and it was a no go - email me again - if i dont hear from you ill email you - i said email way too much there.

hey guys - quick question. does the thing have to be handed in today? or sometime tomorrow?