Finally a Footer

I finally got around to making a footer. Hope everyone likes it. Comments are heavily appreciated.:snug:

Nice, oh wait, it’s still loading. :krazy: :wink:

//Please, take this as a hint.

make sure it fits the dimension and file size requirements…your footer should not take this long to load… :wink:

change before it gets changed for you

Actually i forgot that my server blocked hot linkin. Sorry about that. It should work now.

Oh, much better. Nice! I like it.

Do you actually see the content in it though. I can’t seem to see it. is wht you are supposed to see

no content

Do you know why the content isn’t coming in?

Maybe the paths aren’t right or something…

Yeah, check to see whether you are using absolute paths or relative paths. If you have it set to load the content from swf/about.swf (relative path), you will find that Flash will interpret that as as opposed to the path to your animation on your server. Specifying the entire path to load the movie may solve your problem :slight_smile:

Ok I got the content boxes to load by making them absolute paths like But i can’t get the text boxes to load the text. It works fine when you go to [url=“”]

Actually everything is fine now. All absolute paths and a quick search at the forums helped me fix it.