Finally, my upgrade

I recently purchased the bulk of my upgrade, minus a few things. I got the Intel E6600, Gigabyte DS3, G.Skill 1GB DDR2-800, eVGA 7900GTO 512MB Video, and a color laser printer (didn’t want this, silly wifey made me get this for her work since I was spending a bunch of money on stuff she didn’t want). I plan on upgrading to a more stable case, one more 1GB stick, quieter PSU, LCD, keyboard/mouse. Before this, my upgrades were a 74GB raptor and Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia speakers.

I will finally get to install the 64-bit Vista I downloaded a few days ago and check out all the updates since the first beta release.

I ordered from newegg yesterday so I hope to get my goodies by Wednesday. Hopefully everything goes well. Now I will be able to run high graphics on COD2, COH, and CS:S without issues…and be able to use 3DS MAX without unbelievable frustration. Can’t wait. :beer: