my first post here. well, my site is

its a tutorial/download/flash portal with a custom CMS and a custom forum that i made myself.

what do you guys think
1 - of the layout?
2 - the content?
3 - the accessibility/ease of use
4 - features

I appreiciate all comments! And if you like it, you can also signup. :slight_smile:


content= had alot of cool things to check and read, but the visual wasnt that impressive… :frowning:

thanks for the review, anyone else?

they will come they will come:mario:

I am not sure I am feeling the mixture of colors… Maybe it’s because I have been up all night but it was a little hard on my eyes after a while…

Your content seems to be having a steady stream of updates and that’s great.

Layout is pretty standard, similar to sites of the same kind. Not really a bad thing but it wont get you any “wows” if you know what I mean.

Since acessibility is often tied to the layout, i would say the same thing about it. I cant find the option to categorize the tutorials while the site seems to let on that I could do so.

You should use less colors, so that it will become a stronger layout.
So i say: take your banner as the standard for the layout!
It looks verry cool and pro! Exept from the ads in it.
Dont think you should place the there… couse it becomes a bit poorly organized.
Just trow some kind of logo in the banner and place those ads in the main of the page.

bokke, which ads are you talking about? the image ones or the bidvertiser ones?

absent, i thought my layout is pretty unique, tbh, i haven’t seen many other sites like this.

I like the name…

I think the top bar that stretches the whole screen while the content has boarders doesn’t make sense

there is too much red, you should use it as an accent colour, not for everything

cheers, what do you think of the content?