Website layout (current in development) critique

Im making a flash site… and i want to hear from you guys

that’s just a layout of how my site is going to look like… I want to know what i need to fix or improve… please do make honest critique, becase lil bitterness will help me in the long run :slight_smile:


First off I would like to welcome you to the forum.

You posted this in the Drawing and Design section so I moved it to Site Check cause this is where it should be. =)

As for your site, there isn’t much to critique on, but here are the things I noticed:

  1. Your layout is pretty straight forward and is laid out very well with clean designs.

  2. The color scheme is very trendy, but still nice even though I’ve been seeing a lot of sites with similar color schemes. Must be a new trend that’s starting or something.

  3. One small problem that I noticed is that your text is really blurry so make sure you fix that problem early on.

  4. The side drop shadows is a nice touch and is starting to catch on a lot as well, but I still like the effect.

Overall you’re off to a good start, let us know when you’re done. =)

Thank you for your opinion electrongeek :slight_smile: I will fix those problems… as I get more things done, i will post it here. I might attempt to get SOTW :smiley: (once im done)

about the color scheme, for my 2nd version, i will make sure i come up with a new style :beam:

tried the link but I got a 404 error

Sorry, the page you requested was not found.
me 2…


same here!

I love it, can’t wait to see it animated. Good work.

worked good for me.

Yap, not much to critique. Clean and nice, good colors, maybe too much of buttons, and it`s a bit confusing.

I’ve seen this posted somewhere before. Maybe it was here
before the server move, so that’s why I recognize it.

I still like it. Clean and good colors, although becoming more
popular. Good luck with the rest of it. :slight_smile:


seems big, size wise (that’s what she said, then I woke up . . .)

Too big for my 17" at 1024x768, but I like the look, real professional, let us know when it’s up later this week :block:

O yeah this is very nice. I just love it. Its light and simple. the idea is great and it will look just basting once you add all the content… suggestion try not to use text… try to communicate to the viewer using pictures and spice the place up with a splash of colour…

not to forget flash effects… i’m sure you know what i mean by use the expand effect. its when all your boxes come out and pull down and fad in etc…

rating (for the design):

lets talk [email protected] and i may help you get the project off the ground…

thanx for your kindness guys.

Dreamer: thank you for offering me to help this project get started. but unfortunately I have some school project to finish first, so I won’t be able to work on this site for couple weeks (2-3 weeks) Then I will start working on this project again.

ahh… i got school too… but if you didn;t anything just ask… and good luck…

Nice layout d00d!
Wins my Tasty Award!
-Mike :slight_smile: