First flash site please help

Hi there,
This is my first post.
I am starting my first flash site and need some help
from you guys!!!

my site is
I need some help to:

  1. open a window 640 X 480 not resizeable!
  2. Get rid of my Black BG so only the red is visible!
  3. use a pre-loader propery to load my music!!

If anyone knows the answer to any of these!
please help!

Your first question,

You could use the component in the last post in this thread:

As long as your using Flash MX that is, Make a button drag that component onto your stage and onto the button and then configure the options at the bottom for your window. You could change your enter graphic to a flash movie and use that component in it.

Dunno if that was any help? I like your site, very stylish.

Cheers :nerd:

If you want to do it the Javascript way I wrote a .txt file for someone else on this forum that needed it. It shows the basic way of creating a pop-up window. You can even make it NON-Resizeable.

I have included the .txt file as an attachment to this post. I hope it helps.

For question two, If you make the pop-up window the same size as your movie, you don’t have to worry about that black background, it won’t be seen.

  1. use a pre-loader propery to load my music!!

Well you do it in the same way as you would do for a normal preloaded, but you would have to get the bytes of the _level you have loaded your movie in to.