New and need some help

Hi All,
I have been very fortunate to have stumbled onto kirupa’s site…first off three cheers for him! He has put together an amazing resource community.

My question is this…I want to make a flash site that can show some swf’s. Like a portfolio page so to speak. I want the swf’s to be in a scene in thumbnail size and then when clicked open a new window to a larger more viewable size. Is this possible? Does it have something to do with levels? Can someone advise?
Thanks in advance!

hey there how r ya?

yeah it is possible…
what u have to do is to create a button first… text or a image. (a thumbnail of your swf). And in the actions of the button write:

on (release) {
getURL ("");

and in between the “” “” write the name of your swf file.


on (release) {
getURL (“Biography.swf”);

Is that what u wanted?


Tutorial here :

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You guys are quick thanks for the tips and I will try them out and let you know how it works.

How do I create a thumbnail of the swf? or…do I just publish it with a small size? and publish a second time in a larger size?


Well, you could for instance use a screenshot of the animation, import it in tiny tiny in your main movie, and then turn it into a button that will loadMovie.

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How do you do a screenshot of it? I have taken classes and was never shown how to do that!
Thanks for your help Pom! Hope someday that I may be able to do the same for someone else.

well donna,

if u have photoshop or something, you could open up the pic from the fla. file that u wanna create as a thumbnail and then compress it in photoshop so the file isn’t big. This is what i have done, creating an image that is 250Kb to just 18.6Kb…

When you save the picture in photoshop you should be prompt with a small dialogue box that asks what quality would u like to save it as. Either “small” or “large” (large would be up to 12) in quality. But drag it down till it’s about 5-6 in quality. You’ll know what i mean when u see it…

This will decrease the file size of the pic.
But the disadvantage on this is that the quality wont be as good. BUT since it’s only a thumbnail it shouldn’t be a problem…

i hope this helps…
:slight_smile: if not i’ll try and explain it better…


To get the screenshot you can use the Print Screen key on your keyboard…at least that is what i do…then:
-Paste it into Photoshop
-Crop the image u want
-Go to Image/Image Size…and change the “pixelage” (is that a word??? <img src= ALT=":"> ). Depending on the size of your Movie, a picture about 35/100px is fine for a thumbnail.

If u do it that way, when you save it you wont have to sacrify the quality so much. A “9”, which is a pretty good quality picture, would still make a very small file depending on the size of the image…

If you don’t have the print screen function or photoshop then I would’ve wasted my time :confused: …Kidding! :wink:


Where do files go when you do Print Screen ???

To go into something called ‘Presse-Papier’ in French. They are stored for a small amount of time, that is to say until you copy something else. That’s why you have to do it all in one movement : PrintScreen/paste !!

Cheerios, guys ! and girls…
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Thanks so much for you help and such quick responses. I am new here and the response is great!!! Hope I never hear anyone complaining about this because I will go to bat for you.

Iam going to try to work this out now!

Thanks again,

um… the word in English is ClipBoard.

If you’re gonna get into the habit of doing PrintScreens, you really should invest in a screen capture program. Investing in it will be easy because it is FREE. Just go to and to a search for “screen capture”. These programs offer great flexibility and options that simply do not exist when using conventional methods.