First time around only to say HI!

Well, that’s it… this is my fisrt post here, and I only wanted to say Hi . And also give a big huge thank to all of yo people posting here and helping. I must confess i have been reading the forums for a while a lot of your postingas have helped me out to get familiar with AS. I recognize I don’t feel capable to develope a code myself, but i try hard at least to understand what is going on when i read your codes. Hopefully someday i’ll be able yo develope something myself. Meanwhile I just hope all of you just don’t get bored with some stupid questions i’m sure i will make. At least you all will have a laugh and feel free to tell me i’m a bit “slow”, he, he…

Well, nothing more for the moment, this is only a HI and THANK YOU ALL post.
I’ll come around soon… :wink:

Greetings, man.

pom :asian:

oh yeah, sorry I meant to respond to this sooner. Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the monkey house. We live to answer questions, and explore possibilities. Don’t you worry about stupid questions.

I’ve said it before… answering questions reinforces our knowledge. It’s helpful to us. Let those questions rip.

Nice footer, Jubby.

just finished my last project with random movement :slight_smile:

Well, thanks for the warm wellcome!! This morning i’m feelin pretty stupid. Two hours trying to arrange a stupid simple code and i’m not capable!! DAMM!! But i want to give it one more try, if i still cannot do it tonight i’ll have to claim for help :slight_smile: !!

Oh, and Syko… nice project! For me everything you do guys here looks like a quimera to me!! :slight_smile: