Hello World just intro myself

Hi Guy’s, My first post so by way of introduction rather than put a whole bio-blurb here I have put some back story in my profile I will be adding more but there is a brief note there. Anyway to the more interesting and a bit light hearted. I was watching old video of yours about animation events and it had in the title ‘only 50% as boring as you think’. Humm I thought as I watched it. ‘I think I do do some un-boring things with that’.
It took a while to figure the full sequence but here is what I came up with. I am not sure of the best way of showing you, being a newbie to forums. It would be nice to just drop it in here and let it play but I am not sure how to do that. It will probably just show as code, so here is a link to it on my site project area.
The first thing that inspired me to really get into javascript in a big way was watching your video on parallax scrolling. It took me a week to get that to work I very nearly gave up and was about to come on the forum then but, hey relentless tech here did it. Funny enough it was in exactly the place you said ‘be careful this line is tricky’, one error + in the line. It felt good :joy_cat: :joy_cat:
I hope we make friends, It gets quite frustrating not having anyone to talk to who is knowledgeable about the things that interest me. I will quit here as I think I have a question which should go in a different post. So see you soon.

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Welcome @Gizmo1 !

Hi all. My name is kyo. nice to make friend with all of you

Hello everyone!

Hi Gizmo! Congrats on keeping at it. Front-end web development is challenging, but given your current path, I think you’ll do just fine. We are all here to help you when you get stuck, so don’t hesitate to post new threads if you run into any issues :slight_smile:

Thanks, can get hard going on your own. I am just doing a sabbatical on SVG. My god this gets hard core pretty quick. Nice story though. I just sold my first SVG animation only 2 weeks after starting the design. I used the idea as a full blown project exercise. Showed them they love it the rest is history. I need to tidy it a little but I am pleased: