First try at some smilies

Hey all, thought i might try making some smilies, only got one done. Some variations to my confused smilie.

and yes that is a hook he is scratching his head with :stuck_out_tongue:

::edit ::: added a change to the second one

lol, yeah i know what you mean :smirk:

Just playing around, havent done pixel art before.

few questions

:: how many colours should i save the gifs as and
:: what is the general file size of a smilie?

Thought I’d take a bash at it… first pixel art as well.

Sergeant EthanM of The Royal Kirupa Elite Forces

Our Fearless Leader

Medic!! Medic!!

A basketball!!

Basketball!!! Good work dude :slight_smile:

We need a golf ball and a baseball and I’m all set :slight_smile:

cool smilies!! :frowning:

Dude with a beenie.

oh d00d!

I did one of those “huh?” smilies for my forum while back, I can’t believe how hard it was actually!

well, here’s my old crack at it:

I like the second one, with the question mark over his head - he looks really puzzled. :beam:

yeah it is hard to get that confused look,

i like this one out of the 3 ive done

Friendly Spider