First vector art thing

…I know we hear ‘my first…’ all the time…well this is my first vector art picture.

I used Illustrator and Photoshop.

As its my first if there are any pros out there who could tell me what needs improving etc?

Oh yeah ‘’ on the banner is going to be my domain, its not ye active though…so…

thanks people.

I’ve been working with vector images since december, if you want an anatomicly ‘correct’ image it helps to have something to trace. I tend to use photos from my digicam or scans of my drawings. Once you get the shape and proportion right, then you can fill it with colour and shade. Theres alot of different variations on vector images, from the hand-made look to sharp deffined lines. So it helps to look at other peoples work and see what sort of style your after.

If you have trouble with a certain part, say the hand, try to find a picture of a hand or even a picture with a similar pose.