My first vector drawing ever!

So I decided I’d give vector a shot since I got illustrator for christmas, however, illustrator is quite hard. So for now, I gave up on trying to do it in illustrator until I get good in flash :stuck_out_tongue:

so, with no further ado (sp?), please give me as many critiques and tips as possible :slight_smile:

edit: btw, I didn’t do any details yet, I just wanted to see if I could get the very basics down before I dug in and got my mouse dirty :slight_smile:

and I traced this image just to let you know :slight_smile:

this is your first try? great job, my vector drawings didnt look that smooth untill a while of doing them. keep up the good work

thanks, yeah, my first try ever

I guess I’ll wait until morning for some reviews/critiques/tips :stuck_out_tongue:

face needs work :wink:

but seriously, the hand is a bit messed up, although I know how hard those can be. It’s fairly good for the basics, but come back with details and shading and I bet it’ll look tons better.

Nice start BP. You need to work on the hands as well as the head but keep practising and you will certainly get better. BP, btw didnt you have a wicked site when you first came here? It was some a red coporate site? :confused:

I like it alot. Good proportions. Was this traced from something else you drew, or from a magazine or something?

One thing I noticed- shirt/sleeve line on the front arm looks like just a straight vertical line, not really the same thickness and weight as the other lines.

I like it, though.

PS-kinda looks like he’s peeing

oh woops, I fixed the arm a while back but undid it and forgot to redo it :P, I’ll find some examples to look at for faces and hands, and then I’ll come back, thanks

btw, minimal, don’t remember the site, can you give more detail? jokun yes he does, kinda an odd thing to notice, but he seems quite fat to me.

I got illustrator too but dont feel like learning right now :stuck_out_tongue: nice draw BP! I love vector draws