Fix my AS/XML mess and add PHP upload

Alrighty, I am just going to admit that I don’t have the time to fix this all myself. I have my own site all fine and dandy, and had time to build it, but now that someone has asked me to work on theirs, I tried something new, and it backfired. I am in way to deep to get myself out now.

Here is what I am working with now:

What I still need to do:

Rework menu to work with XML (i lost the code and can’t get it back)
—it should look about how it is now, except, I would like to be able to add at least 2 more galleries, maybe 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom, plus the bio/contact section.
—menu items should also have a nice roll-over highlight, as well as when the item is selected.

Add PHP support
—I want to simply be able to add a named folder with the photos inside so that a new gallery is added (the folder name) with the photos inside (up to 64 photos, which is 3 rows of thumbnails)

Make room for bio/contact info
—I don’t know how to add it to my current set up, so if a loadMovie works best, that is fine, or simply an embeded MC, later I may make the text of it XML, but don’t worry about it now, I just need a place-holder for it.

Add fade-outs when new gallery is selected
—I don’t want the previous photograph still showing when selecting a new gallery

Leave extraneous code alone
—don’t worry about the info box or resize stuff, i’m not using it now, but may in the future

So, how much time would this take you, and how much would you want for the work? I understand this isn’t the easiest or hardest of tasks, but I’m willing to just pay to get it finished, so give me your bid, and I’ll see what I can do with my small budget.


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