Fixing my PS2 Help

So I had a party at my house not too long ago. Of course there was all kinds of Madden being played.

Well towards the end of the night I notced that no one was playing the PS2 and that it was sitting on the shelf all crooked and on its cables.

I didnt think of it at the time just threw the controllers on top of it and resumed the liquid fun.

The next day I went to use it and the drive only opened about a half an inch. I hit the eject button again it clicked and only went back in about 1/8 of an inch.

I then remembered the condition I found it in the night before. Clearly someone knocked it off the shelf and didnt have the balls to tell me.

So I rip it open last night after reading a couple tutorials on how to realign the drive tray.

So i tear it open get to the drive and unscrew it. There is this stupid arse cable connecting it to the board that is less than an inch long. I tried to to take it out and work around it but it came off anyway. It is still intact.

So I take apart the disconnected drive, figure out the problem and realign it. None of the teeth were broken of the gears and it appeared fine. Now I am trying to put the friggin thing back in and cant figure out how to get that cable back in.

Its so short and cant get it to sit properly.

Anyone else have any experience with this?