Flash 5 text display problems (html tags appear)

I just made a very simple website for some family friends, and they’ve reported that for some viewers, the html tags appear instead of the actual text.

This problem occurs for both static and dynamic text boxes, and does not seem to be either platform or software dependent. (Both people running Windows and MacOS, Internet Explorer and Netscape have reported problems, and I think everyone is using the Flash5 player.)

The majority of people are able to see the site as it should be, so I am wondering what the root of this problem is, and how I can ensure that everyone sees the text properly.

If you’d like to check the site out, it’s at http://www.harmonylantern.com. Any help would be appreciated.


In your Flash movie, for each dynamic text box, make sure you have got HTML turned on. If it’s not then you’ll get the tags appearing.

The HTML box is checked for all my dynamic text fields.

Has anyone else had the same problem as me? I’m having a really hard time finding any information about this.

are you saying that the HTML page displays the html tags… or the embeded Flash player shows html tags in it’s text fields?

I though you were refering to the html page itself.

No, the actual html page where the flash file is embedded is fine. It’s the embedded flash file that shows the html tags instead of the actual text for some viewers.

I’m facing the same problem too, but it happens in Flash MX but not Flash 5, coz flash 5 just work fine. BTW, you need not apply HTML tags into a static text since you can modify the style of the text in a character panel.

Also, your web site is just working OK, no problems.

If you figure out how to get around the problem, can you post it here?

Yes of course, but another expert has posted the solutions, please click here to get the answer.

Actually leohee,

The way i did only works on Flash MX. :frowning:

O really? I didn’t know that. Thanks for your advise.