Flash 6.0 interface (BETA)





WOW that looks really cool!

wow, i like it already, i wonder what those two extra buttons on the tools panel are…

Yep, it does look really cool. < shudders at the thought of creating a Flash 6 section populated with tutorials lol >

i’m going to have to buy another monitor!!! [two is only just enough] :lol:


Judging by the amount of panels on the Flash 6.0 screen, I’m guessing I’ll need kick the resultion up a few notches. Does anyone else notice that the grey edges on the panels simply don’t look good? I hope the colors can be modified :slight_smile:

ya grey sucksss…

when will people understand that…

[ i say this, and i’m sat with a grey cardi on] :lol:

I dont seem what’s so impressive about it myself. Personally, I like the Flash5 screen better…but hey, das just me :slight_smile: .

I like the new interface, it look better than the current one…it just looks easier to navigate and it has many new options like a built in radio box script and pull down menu script and everything else! The upgrade is always better…if you don’t like it simply don’t buy it…but I am sure once you see it R30 you will like it!

I hope the colors are customizable. but im with Dan on this one, Everything is better. Hehe and layers can be now be collapsed into a folder! woo-hoo!

The timeline back to 4.0-style;
Add some action script code to cortrol mask.
avi/mpg/mpeg/dv/dvi/asf/wmv/flv(macromedia flash vidio)File can be import now.
And you can use AS to import the mp3 File into Flash.
The properties panel like Dreamveaver’s.
other panels like Painter’s, can be pucker in a line.

I’m glad the timeline is back to the 4.0 style. I hate the Flash 5 timeline and the selection styles. I revert them back to the Flash 4 settings from Preferences. I’m also sure that A/S would be more improved in version 6.

could you tell me where i can download flash 6.0 beta??


It’s a closed beta. Macromedia, unlike MS and Adobe, does not make their betas downloadable for the public.

Tell me your mail.
Or sent mail to: [email protected]

Check This out! i found this pic http://www.angelfire.com/art2/aebuddy/Flash6Beta.gif

GAYYYYY… sorry but it looks almost exactly the same MINUS workspace… they seemed to take what was already there in flash 5 and JAM it onto the screen and remove more workspace… a company should NEVER do that. which is why smart companies like Discreet who makes 3dsmax and Alias|Wavefront who makes Maya have hotboxes controlled by right clicking or spacebar controls… NEVER make it so you HAVE to resize stuff to use it. IMO poorly done macromedia.

once again this is only fomr looking at teh pics… i havent touched a program so i cant make final ruilng… the menus might expand and contract themselves… i duno yet

im a fan of hot keys and of hotboxes. I HATE flash 5 frame drawing and selection. How big is the Beta Version?

about 45Mb

the setup file about 20M

Does anybody know when Flash 6 is slated for release? Several people have asked me via e-mail, and I have no clue. I read somewhere that Joshua Davis’ (praystation.org) book on Flash 6 will hit stores on March 2002. I would assume that Flash would be released shortly before or thereafter that date.

Anybody have any ideas?