FLASH 6 Beta (Link)

Hi everybody,
I’ve found a site where you can download a beta version of the brand new Flash 6. But before posting the link I’d like to know if it’s legal to post it here, as I wouldn’t like to be banned :wink:
The address does not belong to Macromedia though for they do not provide a link to download this beta. The link itself does not seem to be a warez site either.
Now here’s the tricky thing: In order to be launched, the program needs a crack (another link). Why a crack? Well, It asks you for a serial number, but in order not to give any VALID serial number away for the future, the crack allows you to test the beta program with the advantage of being only functional for this specific beta version (and not for future versions or the official release)

So please moderators, before posting these 2 links, give me a green or red flag to do it.

PS: I want to clarify, that my SOLE intention is to share the possibility of testing a brand new product that interests us all. (ALL the software I owe for these purposes is completely legal and registered.)

Thank you and regards,

I think that we can trust that your intentions are good. It does sound iffy though. I would send the links to Kirupa via E-mail first, let him check them out. I know I’d be VERY VERY interested in checking out the version myself. Please also send to me at [email protected], I’ll see what I can figure out from the site and downloads.

Ok upuaut8,
I’ve already sent you the links. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Kirupa, I’ll send it over to you if you ask them for, as I wouldn’t like to be intrusive (sending something you did not ask for)


Hey Manare,
Please do not post the links here. I agree that your intentions are great, and I have tried the Flash 6 Beta before finding out that Macromedia actually gets your IP and other personal information behind your back. Therefore, I uninstalled the program from my HD.

I agree this is a pre-release version. Then again, Macromedia did not authorize it. I really don’t want to have my board taken down because of it. I really hope you understand and thanks for asking first! :slight_smile:


Ok Kirupa, thanks for answering.

The version I found has the “Check IP address” disabled (must be due to the crack thing) If you kirupa, are interested into having a look at this version, ask upuaut8 to give you the link as I’ve just mailed it to him. (Again, I don’t want to be intrusive)

To the other flashers, sorry! (and please don’t ask me in this thread to send you the link to your mail because unless I’m wrong, I’d be vioalating the rules of this forum somehow) Hope you all understand :frowning: …At least I tried it…


ive been testing Flash 6 for nearly a month and a half now. lol

It looks to me like it’s best to keep the links off of here, and not to promote the fact that you have it. Just for your safety and Kirupa’s.
If Macromedia offers a beta download from their site we will be sure to post it here.

For the record… a couple of those links were not working. I am unable to crack it.

Thanks again for being so good and asking first. We appreciate it.