Flash 6 (news)

Flash 6 was revealed yesterday morning at Flashforward 2001 in Amsterdam.
Flash 6 was revealed yesterday morning at Flashforward 2001 in Amsterdam. First of all, the GUI will be improved with more dockable panels and some really neat Property Inspectors. These will be much like in DreamWeaver and you will be able to customize these and other GUI components within the program itself. Layers may be sorted in folders and collapsed and moved around, The SmartClips are now even smarter and interacting with your authoring content. An example was made, making a textField and dragging a scrollbar SmartClip next to it. The Scrollbar snapped to the textField and instantly worked on the Field.

There’s a free transform tool, live preview of clips inside the authoring envionment, the Back-button is (hopefully) to work within the Browser, better debugging and script editing and much more.

where did u read about that?

HOW did you find this out!

I Heard Its Gonna Cost About $2,000 Dollars- from www.flashkit.com


Yay! I can’t wait?

Anyone know what the upgrade price will be?

retail at around $2000 i heard.

2000 dollars seems a bit too expensive for a retail software upgrade. That is more expensive than PhotoShop 6 as well. Macromedia will lose a lot of customers if they decide to charge such an exorbitant price for the program. I hope their upgrade is considerably cheaper!

But in our country…the law not full enough.

But now, my flash5.0 is the original.:smiley:

Kirupa: Sorry cink, had to remove the comment you made. I hope you understand :slight_smile:

I doubt $2000 will be the actual retail though. i would say the true cost will probably be closer to $1000.

I Don’t Think They Would Make It That Low. :frowning:

This price could be a rumour. Is this price a fact. This could just be something from competitors to drum up discord for the product. I highly doubt Macromedia would charge more than Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for the product. It’ll only be a matter of time before Macromedia comes out saying that this price is a rumour. No company would dare charge 1000 or 2000 for a program!

i REALLY doubt flash 6 will retail at $1000, we haven’t seen a price like this since Director 8! where did you hear about that ed? something in the vicinity of $500 is reasonable, but $1000? sheesh. i can buy 8 flash 5’s with that money.

Well, Director 8.0 was about 1,300 ((i think))

Oh, very SORRY-------
Of course, I understood.

But, everyone at here: can I talkabout with you by MSN?

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I’ve uesd Flash 3 years. begin FLASH3.0

when it it coming out??

Hey taldos,
I have no idea when it is coming out. It might be as early as this year or maybe even next year. Only time (or Macromedia) will tell when the next version arrives!