Oh yeah

what is this “flash mx” that everyone is talking about? what does it do? what is it for?

It is Flash 6.0. It’s availiable from macromedia.com as a 30 day trial, just as Flash 5.0 was.

Flash MX is a lot more of what Flash 5.0 was. It’s taken everything a step further, I believe, towards real programing standards. Either that or it’s helping to create standards.

It works with prettty much any outside programinging language pretty seamlessly, and with some, like XML it apears to be a direct transition between the two mediums.

Everything is an object now…

It comes with predefined package smartclips which are more intuative than the old ones, and methods for transmitting flash to other medium, such as cell phones, wireless palms and such.

It’s better, but it isn’t $500 better.

but it is $199 better… which is the upgrade price. As for $500 it is worth 500 if you don’t have Flash 5.0 at all.