{Flash 8} AS 2.0 desperately need help! button needs to play animation loop

Hey everyone,

I might as well start by saying im a total and utter newbie to action script, I have literally been thrown into it in the past 3 days, Im a freelance illustrator and a client has just asked me to create a walk cycle animation for him (which i can do) but theres some action script involved and ive never used.

right i might aswell say what i need doing on the whole:

When the completed SWF is opened up, I need;

A looping walk cycle of a character (done) , which, when a button is pressed (ive created the button already) the character stops the walking loop cycle, and changes into an aim animation, once the animation is complete, the character goes back into a walk cycle.

Everytime this button is pressed, not only should the aim occur, but a counter must go +1 every single time (ive actually managed to figure out how to do the counter by myself)

i cannot for the life of me, figure out how to get this button to not only +1 the counter, but ALSO change the animation, and then continue on with the animation already looping as standard.

My button and counter are on the same layer, i dont know if this will affect how i code, but my aim and walk cycle are on seperate layers. the walk animation is automatically looping when the animation starts (thank god cos i wouldnt know how to make that happen if it wasnt) the walk cycle instance name is “walk_anim” ALSO ive had to but a stop(); on a seperate layer, on the first frame, that stops the second animation looping in the background (the second animation is on frame 2 of its own layer) and the instance name is “walk_anim”

Ive tried to input this in the button,

_root.counter += 1;

and tons of different variations of that, but with no luck, i have no idea what im doing and have only got this far with luck.

it would be amazing if you guys could help, i have to hand this back to my client tommorow night if i have any hope of getting the contract.

and im dirt broke so desperately need this! I dont wanna throw away work because of my lack of knowledge, so am trying to learn action script, but i dont even know what to search for in this case.

thankyou very much to anyone who reads this, i will be refreshing this like crazy tonight and tommorow :<