Flash 8 AS2 - Card Battle Game Help

Hi guys, Im new here and Im basically stuck on how to make a card battle game in Flash. Ive got tuts on how to make an RPG so thats all good but trying to get the cards to function right is really giving e a headache. I can`t seem to find any good tuts on how to make these types of games.

This card battle game uses about 8 decks (each one representing a different country with different elemental powers). The player walks around the screen RPG style and then when he encounters an enemy, the screen switches to turn-based “Battle Mode” where the player can draw random cards from his primary deck (the element his country represents). The enemy also draws a random card and the battle commences – with a few twists-- the enemys card actually has a randomly selected trivia question associated with it that the player has to answer or else he takes damage. If the player answers the questions correctly and defeats the enemy, then he can sometimes acquire his enemys card to be added onto his own deck.

Sound complicated?

What I`m trying to figure out his how many decks I need and how to get them to display correctly in each spot and how to calculate damage for the player.

Can you guys help me out? This is becoming a lot more complicated than I imagined. Any suggestions would help!