Flash acting veryyyyyy strangely

Okay, i posted this here cos i think its MX2004 playing up not my coding.

Get this, I have a symbol in the library that contains a piece of dynamic text in it, its linked for AS. Okay, now i dynamicly place instances of this clip with attachMovie right. Its all working fine, untill i need to adress the dynamic text. Through all my debugging (very comprehensive) i have come to the conclusion that, drum roll please… Flash thinks the dynamic text doent exist!

One of the things i tried was to place an instance on the stage (not at runtime, in the flash shell). Right, then i went to the insert target path button in the action screen, and get this: There was no trace at all of the dynamice text box, the holder button is there but no text box. Now i have tried everyting i can think of to solve it and im darn sure this is just a bug in Flash. Someone else got any ideas? Hope my question makes sense, basically flash thinks something doesnt exist that clearly does.

BTW: My text does have an instance name just in case you thought i was missing that fact.

Thnx in advance!

Oh sorry guys, havent been round the forums lately so i better offer some closure huh? Basically, i rejigged the whole god ****ed system, and it kinda just fell into place. This is not the first time that flash has spit the dummy with me and decided not to do what i want it to do, but like the last times it seems to be some kind of realllllly obscure error that will solve itself if i rewrote all my code. Anyone else who thinks they have done everything within there power to debug something would do well just to give in and rewrite your program. Bit of a pesimistic approach but oh well.