Flash and ASP

Okay, so what I’m trying to do is read from a database, and I’ve found a tutorial with demo files which works. I’ve changed the database it looks at so it searches my database. The demo hatml file works, with the flash file they’ve provided, and this searches my database. However, when I try to emulate this in my existing flash site it does not work, even tho all the text boxes are named in the same way. The action script on the ‘search’ button is as follows

on (release) {
loadVariablesNum(“data.asp?Record=” add myrecord, 0);
errorMsg=“Please wait”;

So the input box is called myrecord, and the other boxes are named accordingly.

Now it doesn’t matter what I type, it always ‘finds’ something, and displays the details for the first record in the database. Now this leads me to beleive that the input is not being submitted to the .asp file as I have wildcards in there, which would mean that in the event of a blank query, every record would be returned. Also, in the tutorial, the input field is cleared when you hit search, which isn’t happening in mine.

I even tried copying the frame with the input field from the tutorial .fla file, but that still gives the same result.

Any ideas because I am stumped…

the tutorial I used is here:


not sure how to upload my flash file for you if you need it…