Flash and dreamweaver

as u may have read i left a post askin for porgrams for flash buttons i never found one but i downloaded dreamweaver and remembered there a flash buttons included on that does any1 actually know how to import them to flash so that they are editable i have imported em but it will not let me edit its a bit of a ***** coz i dont know the first thing about dreamweaver so i cant make them in that any help would be great



hehehe… no as far as I know you cannot do so. I’ve tried to do that very thing. They seem to be set to work in the manner that dreamweaver gives them to you and no other way… Heck even if I could figure out how to make them in Flash, but have them “settable” in dreamweaver the way those buttons are, that would be something, but I’ve not found a way to do either. Sorry

well looks like my ultimate plan has been foiled by macromedia lol thanks anyway mate

flash is a very good software for flash buttons!!

Actually, it can be done!

YOu just need to download the source extensions/components from Macromedia Exchange


do a search on Flash, and you’ll find it.

Good luck.

sweet… that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for I think…

thanks mate illc if that will work i should really learn how to make decent ones myself instead of nickin ones that r they already lol

u dont happen to know wot the file is called do u coz i cant find it im still lookin like but if u do know letme know


do this.

go to Macromedia, exchange
go to Ultradev Section
go to Flash media category
download “additional Flash Button Style Extensions”. This will give you the files, including source FLA, so you can edit the buttons.

Good luck!

thanks mate ur a savoiur i just wish i could get the ones already installed on dreamweaver thanks there are sum cool buttons


hey i have figured out how to get dreamweaver buttons into flash well ish wot u do is import the swf file into flash even though it cant be edited figure out ur sizes etc and then go into dreamweaver create your buttons and save as it says at the bottom as a .swf and then just get the code from a flash button and change the size and the filename and u have your buttons took me long enough to find out like if u wanna c it is progress go to www.novatake1.cjb.net i have used the blip arrow button for mine