Flash animation

thanx to Lost for AS.

(press the circle)

[swf=“http://electron.edwinrosero.com/gallery_one/swf/crazy2.swf height=300 width=600”][/swf]

Beautiful man. Absolutely beautiful.

once again i missed the quick reply…

very techish there edwin, very indeed!

the trendiest tech eyeish thingy I’ve ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

i love that effect of shadowing/blurring objects by having lower alpha % copies of the clip following it… you seem to use that really well edwin, and your motions are always so smooth and flowing :smiley:


Beautiful man. Absolutely beautiful.


i like it when it de-assembles.

very very cool

nice 1

::::: AnOraK :::::

wow… its impressive =)

oh my! That’s so cool! I Wish I could do these kewl things!

wow! very nice edwin!

wow very nice. impressive. Fluid movment. i likes

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**i like it when it de-assembles. **

Me too… so fluent… so silky smooth… mmmmmmmmmmmm :love:

thanx :slight_smile:

One word:
Wow (actually two) cool

Pretty slick Edwin. =)

Great work man, great work.

I have a question - how is your animation so smooth? is it because you use a lot of AS or just small tweens or what? Any tips (and yes I did read the guid by player :slight_smile: )

no actionscript was used to animate anything, except for the rewind effect. UM the animation is smooth because i dunno ive been messing with tweens for 3 years now. that particular animation runs aat 60fps. its all about trial and error

what guid by playa?

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**what guid by playa? **


Edwin tried to teach me to master the tweening world of Flash, I failed horribly lol. I think it is just something that comes natural to some people!