Flash AS 2.0 Card game (Quartets) problem

Dear reader (and perhaps problem solver :slightly_smiling: )
(Please excuse my grammar/spelling)

I’m creating a flash card game (Quartets) for a schoolproject, but I’m having trouble with a couple of actionscript lines.

(If you are not familiar with Quartets, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdhYzuZwms0)

  • 4 player (You and 3 computer players)
  • 24 cards with 6 themes

1st problem:
The cards need to make a “shuffle” move in the middle of the game.
Then randomly slides 6 cards to every player.

For the “You” player:
The cards need to flip, so you can see the face of the cards.

2nd problem:
After clicking on 3 buttons (Color, theme and name of player) flash need to confirm if that player has that card. If not… Your turn is over…

If so… That card needs to slide to your card and flip so you can see the face of that card too.

3th problem:
When the player ‘You’ is wrong, the game needs to automatical play for the computer.

So… This is a lot I’m asking of you people, but perhaps some of you have an partial idea or maybe an code that works… I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Thank you very much in advance!
I look forward to your ideas!

Hi Superlvy,

Here are some few things/ideas that might help you a long the way:

  1. Try be VERY specific when you ask for help (its not allways easy, but if you practice this, you will proberly be able to answer most of the question yourself - and that will along the way increase your skills)

  2. Find some samples of the game you wish to build, or similar games you can study from or point at when you are asking for help. Sometimes it is difficult to describe a specific problem and therefor if you can refference to a working game or sample you might have a better chance to recieve the help you need.

  3. Telling or showing what you allready are familiar with is good too, that way people gets a chance to answer back at your level too ex. im familiar with the use of arrays and functions or how to tween/animate movieclips.

  4. Make a Gameplan, or a bunch of sketches on paper on how you wish the game should work. Use these to make small test, rutines etc. to see what works and what doesn’t.

Well there is for sure a lot more hints and strategies you can follow if you Google them, so the above is just a few hints that got me going, and maybe some of them will work for you too.

So even as you allready stated, you are asking for a lot here, then try be more specific, cause you can allways ask for more :slight_smile: