Flash AS 2.0 Programmers and Animators needed

e-Learning Developers needed, including Flash ActionScript Programmers (AS 2.0), Animators, and Accessibility Experts:

Required: Moderate to Advanced knowledge of:
[INDENT]• Flash: ActionScript 2.0 (functions, JavaScript calls, reading XML, integrating and synchronizing audio and video with text)
• JavaScript
Nice to have:
• Audio (.mp3) and video (.flv) editing
[/INDENT]The ideal candidate will have experience creating e-Learning based on provided storyboards. However, lack of e-Learning experience can be overcome by showing the required technical knowledge, experience and skill. The candidate should be comfortable with:
[INDENT]• Creating and editing well-formed XML files containing data to be read by a Flash application
• Creating ActionScript 2.0 code to read and parse XML files and perform function calls based on the data in the XML
• Loading and displaying external SWF files and playing them in synch with audio and video
• Performing basic audio and video editing (cropping, fade-ins and fade-outs, etc.) and compression
• Creating external JavaScript function calls and callbacks using both fscommand/setVariable and ExternalInterface, including SCORM function calls
• Creating simple Flash animations and interactions (including AS 2.0 function calls)
• Creating basic graphic files using PhotoShop or similar software. Advanced graphics knowledge is helpful but not required
• Creating and testing SCORM 1.2 and 2004 packages (nice to have)
• Cross-browser development (nice to have)
• Experience developing accessible (Section 508 compliant) e-Learning (nice to have)

Required: Advanced ability to:
[INDENT]• Create highly engaging Flash animations

[/INDENT]Nice to have:
[INDENT]• The ability to create high-end graphics using PhotoShop or similar tools.
• Experience developing accessible (Section 508 compliant) e-Learning (nice to have)

[/INDENT]Flash Accessibility Experts

Required: Experience developing accessible (Section 508 compliant) e-Learning and/or web-sites (using Flash) and be able to provide examples of your work.

We are also looking for developers with Moderate to Advanced experience developing interactive and SCORM compliant e-Learning, including system simulations, using one or all of the following:

• Lectora
• Captivate
• FlyPaper

This is contract work - hour rate depending on experience/portfolio.

Please contact Steve Norris at the GMarie Group