Flash AS2 - Preloader for loader? HELP!

Hi there,

I wonder if you can help me?

I am building a website using “Flash Screens” but the one thing I need is to have an initial preloader for the whole site.

What I’ve figured out to do was to make the preloader in the 1 frame - the export classes in frame 2 - and I’ve placed a “loader component” in frame 3 which would load my whole website I made in screens into this component.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - how can I load the external swf as part of the preload status.
Cause what its doing is showing the preload status up 100% and then it jumps to the “loader component” and the screen go’s blank until the external swf is loaded.

Please take note that I am a newbie but will try to understand as much as possible.
Thanks in advance for your help!!

Christopher :}