Flash cartoon - Zieak- Consider the Bulb

Hi everyone, I just finished making my first Flash cartoon and thought I’d share it with you guys. Let me know what you think, feel free to critique it if you wish.

Make sure you’ve got sound on, happy viewing!


Thanks everyone for the encouragement,

I go to Newgrounds quite regularly myself. I don’t plan on releasing this flash there…

I know there’s lots of room for improvement, there are parts in this cartoon I’d like to change now, but I think it’s best to move on and work on the next piece. I don’t think it’s that bad for my first cartoon though (I have done a several few second mess-arounds before, but they barely count).

I plan to introduce some more characters in the next cartoon, and draw directly in flash rather then scanning, with more movement in the animation. It’ll probably take a while, but I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Thanks for watching!

Love it! I love the last one you did (the killer kid thing, I don’t exactly remember) and I love this one. You did all the voices yourself eh? Keep up the awesome work! Lets see some of these comics rG talks about!

you have another cartoon? where I wanna see!

Definatley one of the best animations I’ve seen from an unseasoned cartoon pro. There were a one thing that I found and it was of course the syncing with the voices. I found the cartoon impressions original and this was probably why it worked well, also the camera techniques you’ve tried to impersonate through flash were simple but made the project work.

For inspiration check out http://www.campchaos.com/ this ios one of the best animation sites on the net.

Also have you ever tried doing animation in a movie format. For example doing your animation and such in After Effects then piecing it together in Premiere or something?

Good work.

It’s a little better than NewGrounds. (In my mind I portray NewGrounds as lots of semi-funny flash cartoons with horrible graphics)

For a great resource on sound effects, check out the movie Porpous2 made… about getting bored and stabbing yourself… or something. :thumb:

That was pretty sweet. The flaming head guy was quite humurous and when he started clawing at his eyes I was dying. It was very smooth and friggin’ awesome for a first time. You should write a tutorial on the “Basics of Animation” so the rest of us can get a taste of the action! =) Great work!