Know of any "how to make a cartoon" tut's?

I’m trying to make a flash cartoon. I was just wondering if anybody knows of a good site or some tutorials on how to properly make one. We would like to animate our characters so they move like the ones on “the romp” or the very funny “Steven Seagal Show” at atomfilms. If any body has any info on this sort of thing please drop me a post.

PS We know how to do the trace outlines stuff we are just wondering about he animation part.thanks:)

I did a search at webmonkey, and this might do what you need:


Are you doing the tracing in Illustrator?

Well I’ve made a couple… What do you need to know?

Ya where doing the traces in Illustrator then porting it over to flash. We are just looking for layout stuff. Tips on how to make it very efficant. Proper animation techniques that sort of thing. We also want to be able to reuse alot of the objects because there will be more than one episode. Any info other than how to trace a picture would be a big help. And hey REV thanks for the link I’m checking out right now.

The way I did it was to first of all, sit down and work out what images I needed - characters, backgrounds, objects etc. Then I drew them. On paper, that is. Once I’d got them all together, I could scan these doodles and import them into Flash. I traced over them and coloured them in, then deleted the imported gifs.

Then I figured, if we want these characters to move and talk, then they have to be divided up a bit. So I separated things like eyes, mouth and hands and them into their own symbols. I also drew some different poses and positions for each of these objects. Things like mouth open, closed, surprised looking… That kind of thing.

Once I’d got all the images together that I needed, I made some small movie clips of what were going to be common actions, such as talking. So for each persons’ mouth, I made a small, roughly 5 frame loop of all his / her mouth positions. When you run that, it looks like they’re talking.

Any transitions that need to be made, like fading backgrounds in or out, I made movie clips for as well.

Then it was simply a case of making a whole new movie clip per scene of the cartoon. Layers for scripting, backgrounds, characters, sound (if applicable). Put them all together with a final few bits of scripting, and you have a finished cartoon.

So that’s how I did it. It is a lengthy process, but well worth it when you see your finished animation.

I’ve written a tutorial on kirupa for tracing images into line art for Flash. It’s in Flash MX - Special Effects - Drawing Line Art or something similar. It’s in the Flash MX section, but the process is identical for Flash 5.

Thanks for the info Kit. We now have the intro done but we aren’t ready to so anything. I’ll be sure to post when the finished product is ready.:slight_smile:

I started a cartoon, Check out my little demo!

even though im not a great artist, i did manage to come up with something decent.

Cute. :slight_smile:

found this really cool site on how to build a cartoon. Hope it helps