Flash CS3 Preload


I crated a website in Flash and, since it’s quite big, it takes a bit to download. That’s why I also created a preload.

I created another scene with 2 layers for the preload. One layer for the actionscripts and one that contains my movie. The actionscript says:

if (_framesloaded >= _totalframes) {
gotoAndPlay (“main”, 1);
} else {
gotoAndPlay(“preload”, “asterix”);

“Main” is the layer of my website, “preload” is the one that contains the preload. “Asterix” is the label hat I gave to my preload movie. It’s a simple movie with little dots that appear and disappear.
When I check the movie with the download simulation, the preload starts playing at 80% and not from the beginning. As if the server is downloading the preload itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!