Preloader question

I’ve been struggling with preloaders. I’ve tried flash5 and flashMX preloaders, the last being the one in your tutorials. They all do the same thing. Yes, they preload, but when I show the bit-streaming, nothing appears (at all) until the movie is 60% loaded. Blank screen until 60%. At 60%, the preloader appears (showing an accurate 60% progress) and finishes properly. I have had no luck getting the preloader to show from 0-100% on ‘any’ type i’ve tried, telling me there is most-likely something wrong with my movie design. It’s a 5-layer movie, one being scripts, one being background, others being simple mc nav bars. It seems simple enough. My current design is now almost identical to the preloader on your site, with just one extra frame and one extra layer added. What am I missing?

I have exported swfs in this movie. I chose ‘export for actionscript’. A pal told me that exported swf’s load before frame one. That was news to me. Just wanted to announce it so you all would know how that screws over your pre-loader. I’m not sure how to handle it, actually. Should I build independent preloaders for the exported movies, or just call them differently and not export them. I’m too much of a newb to know what i’m giving up by exporting them or not exporting them. :-\