Flash cs4 tween problem

Hi there,

Wondering if anyone can help with a crippling issue in Flash CS4. In short, the post production company I work for asked me to redesign their website using the version that happened to be hanging round the office- Flash MX (circa 2002). Half way through the project we bought CS4 as the site is quite video heavy and MX isn’t really set up for that.

I’ve opened my mx file in the new version and all has worked well- however a couple of days down the line i’m now having major tweening issues on the pages i’ve created since upgrading.

When transitioning between scenes (yes i know everyone hates scenes but it seemed right at the time) the classic alpha tweens that fade the new scene in seem to be ‘paused’ on the first frame when viewed as an SWF. All is fine when scrubbing through the timeline. As I designed the site and know where the buttons are I can click them, it’s just they’re not visible.

I’ve done a lot of reading into this and have seen reports of similar issues with dynamic text elements not alpha tweening properly - but this is all of the layers that have a tween at the start. Sadly i’m really tight on time to get the site done as it’s only a side project and i’ve got work building up.

If anyone can shed any light on the situation I would be very grateful. I can supply the .FLA on request but it’s 200mb so it’s going to be a bit of a beast to send around.

I’ve searched for things like ‘tween conflict’ ‘alpha tween not working’ ‘classic tween error’ etc to no avail.

Thanks in advance.