Flash dancer application

Yay, finally finished this. Pretty annoying that some AS don’t work for flash player 7… had to publish it to 5… bleh.

Anyway, this was for a client. I really liked it when i was making it, as well as the final product :smiley:

Drag the little people on the bottom (the sillouette (sp?) drawings) into the container below, and press play. The guy dances! hooray!

edit turn on your speakers! :smiley:

[swf=http://www.motioncache.com/clients/dancer/dance.5.1.swf]width=560 height=650[/swf]

The client did the actual drawings stuff and I actually really like them.

Hope you enjoyed it =)

that’s cool man :thumb:

that’s cool but it took me forever to figure out where to drag them, try making the squares a bit more obvious

heh thanks for the comments! =) I guess it’d be more clear if the instruction button worked and had instructions. heh.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahaha i bin peeing my pants by looking at it :stuck_out_tongue: very funny stuff man

hahah thanks swoop! :smiley:

anymore comments? =)

if you were to make this, how much would you have charged?

cool ^^