Flash Design

I would like comments on a flash sites from other Flashers. This is my brothers site and i was wondering other flash builders think of it.




I gave the site a look over, and I thought it was quite good. The graphics he made for it are quite well done, and are used well. Another nice thing is that it’s very small to download.

One thing I’d have to comment on the “might want to change” side, is that there are a lot of popup windows on that site. Most of them are used to actually navigate through or provide information… but almost every link on the site opened one, and there was one there by default when the main page loaded up as well.

One other thing I couldn’t get to work was the chat room. The message board worked fine, but the chat room I couldn’t get to work.

But on the whole it’s a really nice site… he must have spent a good amount of time on it :slight_smile:



very nice site, i like it