Flash detection behavior

Hey all…

First of all, I did a search to find my answer but could not. I am using the Dreamweaver Macromedia Flash Detection Kit. Great kit, but I have a question.

The detection script is on my index.html page so it runs first. Then if the user has Flash, it runs my “main.html” page with a flash file in it. If the user does not have flash, I have it set to goto a non flash clone of the main.html page (called main_noflash.html). That is all the flash on the site.

This puts me in an odd situation now. If the user decides against (or has trouble) installing Flash player - it kicks them to my non-flash page. Does this mean I have to create a whole non-flash copy of my site so that the user directed back to the non-flash homepage instead of the flash page? For example, if they enter the non-flash page and click further down the site…then they click “Home” on a page and it takes them back to the main page, but the main page is Flash! So do I have to create two sites in one?

Sorry for the long post, just a bit confused. Thanks.

To the point anwser: You would have to create a duplicate of your flash site in html.

Long anwser with lots of words: If the user has flash it woulud direct them to the flash site, well if they dont then they would need a site that has no flash at all. Meaning that you woulod basically have to recreate your site with no flash, or the same layout just using rollovers and gifs for animations. In the long run its just better to create a page that would say u need flash to view this site, unless its a business site and you need to have your customers view your info, then just make a lil blah blah about your comp. I would say 70% of all users have a up to date player, but about 85-90% would have Flash 5 atleast. So you could be safe to say just make a page that says u need teh player. Ok I am done babling on about this, time to go back to being confused on my problems :slight_smile: Welcome to Kirupa btw.

Thanks much.

This is the thing. The only part of my site that has flash is the frontpage (main.html). That’s it - no where else in the site.

In Kirupa’s Flash Detection Scripts tutorial, there is a script that decides if the flash animation is shown or an image. That would work best for me, but I want the user to be prompted for downloading the flash player if they do not have flash. That just seems to display the image right away if they do not have flash.


This is for a business site, btw. My client freaked out today because their older Mac (pre-OSX) could not display flash. Obviously, huge user error issues, but I still need to take into account that ~5-10% of users have problems with Flash…unfortunately.

Yes that code doesnt have anything in it to tell teh user to get the flash player but you could always link to the flash player…


Yeah, I think that is what I’m going to do. Put a blurb on the bottom and direct them to get it if they want. If not, no big deal I guess. :frowning: