Flash detection question

I’ve used the “Flash page or no Flash page” script on this sight and it works great, but my supervisor wants to see if it can work a little different. So here I am…

Right now the website I’m working on is this:


As you can see there is a pretty big flash movie near the whole top of the page, site navigation is part of this movie. The name of this file is index.htm.

When I use the flash detection script, needing to keep the URL the same, I have to sacrifice index.htm and make it the gateway. So when people type in http://aem.cornell.edu they’ll go to index.htm (which has only the script) then they’ll immediately be sent to one of two pages, one with flash, which used to be index.htm, or one without flash.

Is there a way where I can include the script into the same page that has the home page content on it? So if the script, in index.htm, detects that the users browser has the flash player it just loads that page, stays right where it is, doesn’t send you to a new htm file? I believe she wants me to ask this because she doesn’t want the main content page URL (after the script send them elsewhere) to be something like:

Example: http://aem.cornell.edu/home_aem.htm

I told her that if our users have aem.cornell.edu bookmarked, they’ll still go to where they need to go. but she wants to see if our home page can remain titled index.htm.

I also tried using the “Image or flash” script, but as you can see I can’t just swap out this flash movie for an image because I would need links on that image for navigation.