Flash file in html page

hi there,

i’ve made flash files that are to be placed inside of html pages. for some strange reason, the flash file operates at the right speed, but once it’s inside the html page, it’s much slower. the flash files are all set for the same amount of frames per second (120, that’s the max) so i’m not sure what could be affecting the speed. i’ll attach a file below if anyone is interested in taking a look. one of the finished pages is here:

i can’t upload the .fla file, but there is a control movie clip in it which has 3 frames with actions. i’m not sure if these would effect the speed, but just in case, they are as follows:

frame 1:
stop ();
incr = 4;

frame 2:
xpos = getProperty ("/pic",_x);
{if(xpos >= /:xpos)
{setProperty("/pic", _x,xpos - incr);}

{if(xpos <= /:xpos)
{setProperty("/pic", _x,xpos + incr);}

frame 3:

thanks in advance for your help! i appreciate it.