Flash file size

Hi Forumers,

What is the ideal file size for a full flash website? Is it better to load the whole file or cut them into smaller files.

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Depends upon your viewers. We had this convo elsewhere and I think that in general we all agreed that no single file should be over 100k if you want to keep your audience.56k modems will take a while even with something that small.

In general my site is made up of one main movie which is 12k
it loads into it 4 movies which are between 4 and 6k,
and one of those loads various variables into itself which are about 2k per trip to the server.

It will probebly get a little more bulky than that as time goes on, but pretty much between clicks I’m trying to keep 56k users in mind.

oh yeah… I’ve got no sounds on my site yet, which is something to consider. I’m working on a sound holder movie clip now which will hopefuly download as the user moves along… making the bear a little easier on those slow pokes.