Flash in Powerpoint

Thanks to the help from this forum I have now got my Flash working in a Powerpoint and have it on CD for my presentation.

One thing which is frustrating me is that when the slide with the flash loads the flash file does not have the “focus”. This means that when my flash file pauses waiting for me to press a key, I have to first use my mouse, get its attention (since it takes about 5 seconds of moving the mouse before the pointer appears on the PowerPoint screen), then click on the flash file and then I can finally press the key. Once I have clicked on the flash once it seems to respond to all my key presses. Unfortunately now that it has focus the PowerPoint does not respond to any key presses and will not move onto the next slide. I have to again get the mouses attention and click anywhere outside of my flash image at which point the PowerPoint moves on.

Is there anything I can do to give the flash the focus when that slide loads? When the flash is finished can I hand focus back to PowerPoint automatically?

I am using PowerPoint 2002 and Flash MX. I can actionscript a little and can write VBA inside PowerPoint.



I’m sure you can do it something like this:

on(load) {

Thats not right, but I think it is something like that… look in the AS dictionary. Or wait till someone can answer you in a more definitve manner! :slight_smile: :smirk: :cowboy: