Flash movie appearance

I am having trouble lining up my flash movie buttons with the background image.


The menu on the left is distorted. I cant figure out why it is distorted just where the buttons are. In my .fla the button in the Up and Over states is a grey square with alpha 0% in the first layer while the Over state has another layer under the grey invisible square that has the image of the button mouseOver.
Please Help

Thank You,

When I loaded your page the menu looked fine, nothing seemed to be distorted at all. Maybe I am missunderstanding your post. From what I saw everything looked like it was working as planned.

I think its just a compatibility issue because i tried it on another computer and it looked perfect. Is there any way i can prevent this or make it more compatible?


What have you found that it works on and doesn’t? Also at what screen resolutions is it working and not - I used explorer and am at 1024 x 768 - and it woked fine… mainly: what doesn’t it work on?

Maybe you have the wrong version of Flash Player? Just a suggestion. And I agree with the above, try to see if your resolution is the same.

It is distorted for me. I use IE 6 and have 800x600 screen resolution.

The best solution I could think of is to make the whole side bar be flash, not just the buttons.

Wow, not to snoop or anything but I looked at your source code to see what could be the problem, and well it’s out of control. You have two sets of HEAD tags and BODY tags. Your tables are nuts too. How do you edit this without problems?

EDIT: Also, the only code you have to add your flash movie to the site is [embed src=“images/menu.swf” width=“89” height=“382”].

Open your .fla go to File/Publish after it publishes the .html file open it up, right click in the window and click View Source (don’t click on the .swf, you won’t get this option). Copy and paste the EMBED code into your html page.

I am at IE 6 1280 x 1024 with flash player 6 installed. The other computer on which it worked also has identical components installed and the same resolution. I tried it with all resolutions available on the ‘distorted’ machine but it is the same for all.

My tags looked messed up because i am using ssi to call in parts of the page (i did not take the standard html tags out of the ssi source files…i will fix this sooner or later…also i am very lazy so i just use the embed method:) I am planning to use the transparent flash background for integrating other flash movies so i will end up using the long method for putting up flash stuff anyway. Most of the background of the menu IS inside the .fla, only the bottom of that whole left bar is outside, so the buttons are what distort the images. Let me know if the FLA will help.

If you have any ideas for the development of this site or a ‘purpose’ please let me know :slight_smile: I am still pondering on what to do with it.