Flash movie tips


Ive just started this flash animation, http://www.ramieb.com/skater.swf

any tips, comments, feedback is appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

edit** (i should add there is no preloader or anything, so it will take a second or 2 before it starts)

put a preloader
i like it alot, really nice stuff!!
add music to it.

So, I’v seen this effect or similar ones before. Do you reduce the colors of the video in After Effects? I’v seen this a lot with just 2 colors and really like the silhouette feel that brings. How do you accomplish this?

looks like the ‘cutout’ filter to me.

Probably accomplished with trace bitmap?

yap export as frames and trace bitmap on them in flash, laborius but kool effect. :king:

thanks, i’ll have to mess with that

Yep, I exported the video to single frames and used trace bitmap in mxpro, im still playing about with it and getting the technique down, if anyone has any tips they are appreciated.

Thanks RB :slight_smile: