Flash MX and Frames

I want my website to do this such as this website http://www.bonus4u.da.ru.

My website is at http://people.txucom.net/kicker
Except my first button’s link goes to a document on my server of a searchbox. I can change this to the url of the search index page such as the first website above.

I looked at the first website. It is written in flash and uses layers and frames. A combo thing. I know frames. I want someone clicking on the first page of the search index page as the first website. I want the same effect. My site is just the flash of the buttons linking to the url.

So how do I do this. How do I create my website like theirs so the clicking of the first window, the search index page will bring up the second button. I just dabbed with layers.

I believe also that this layer effect is also applied to the entire index page with the flash to bring up the bonus.

Does anyone know what I can do to get this effect at http://people.txucom.net/kicker

I am actually reading flash and layers here at Kirupa
If I can make my frames such as a leftframe and a content frame, where the leftframe will load. Can I layer each frame to a flash buttons such as http://www.bonus4u.da.ru
I know they are using flash but I only spent 3 days doing this. I know they must be using some type of layering approach.

Could I make some type of layering effect with the framed windows so that each frame when clicked is revealing a next button layer for a movie.

I want a leftframe and a contents frame that when each is clicked to unload a button

How do I do this in flash for the windows when clicked to unload another button layer . How would I program this in MX