Flash MX Scrollbar - MAJOR ISSUES! Please help me :(

Ok, so I’ve read all the previous threads, and they don’t help. Especially since I’m new to Actionscripting, and cannot make my own scrollbar (I’m still learning). My current problem with the scrollbar component in MX is this: \r\rSometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s REALLY random. I followed the tutorial on kirupa.com TO THE LETTER, and at first, it didn’t work–the scrollbar does not automatically resize itself to the BLANK dynamic text box. Then, I tried it on a different day, and it worked–it resized, on about 12 different boxes. However, when I tested my scene I discovered that most of the scrollbars were “upside down”; that is, the scroller started at the bottom of the bar, and “jumped” to the top, instead of scrolling smoothly. The puzzling thing here is: about 3 of the 12 work correctly. And I made them all at the same time, in the exact same fashion & manner. @#%$??? So after discovering this, I try to recreate the screwed up ones, only to find that now, the scrollbar is NOT automatically resizing itself. I have checked everything…it is a dynamic text box, it has an instance name, it is set to multiline, I select it, I drop the scrollbar smack dab on the box, and lo and behold, I get a little freaking scrollbar. \r\rPlease help me, as I am too stupid to make my own scrollbar as of yet…\r\rThanks for anyone willing to help out a newbie…\r\r-V

Try the setScrollContent function (check the Actionscript Dictionnary).\r\rpom 0]

A self-proclaimed “newbie” who can’t build their own scrollbar doesn’t know how to “check” for this command. Even though I canfind it in the actions box, I don’t know what component to apply it to. A little more help, anyone? I’m trying again to drag’n’drop new scrollbars in today, and again they are not resizing automatically. What is up with this??\r\r-V

:frowning: When I meant “check” the Actionscript Dictionnary, I meant :\r1. Open Flash\r2. Spot the help button\r3. Click it\r4. Spot the button labelled ‘Actionscript Dictionnary’\r5. Click it\r6. Spot the F letter (it’s between e and g)\r7. Click it\r8. Scroll the list\r9. Spot the ‘FScrollBar.setScrollContent’ link\r10. Click it\r11. Read what’s written\r\rpom :evil: